Nomomente is an educational organization that promotes conversation and knowledge exchange, and informs international law and policy about Indigenous and local community perspectives. We believe that Indigenous and local communities have much to contribute to a brighter future for all of us. Ensuring that their voices are heard is the only way to understand and learn all they have to teach. Their stories are not only important for us, but also for future generations. We aim to translate Indigenous and local community perspectives as far as possible into best practices by engaging Indigenous and local community members and groups through various educational events and projects.


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3/3 Finally, mark your calendars: The ATRIP 2018 Congress will take place in Helsinki, Finland Aug. 5-8, 2018. Call for papers coming soon.

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Nomomente is located in Montréal, Québec, Canada. If you would like to contact us, you can do so by sending us an email!




December 2017 - Bruno Canadien

Bruno Canadien’s art is focused on addressing issues surrounding the intersection of First Nation/Tribal sovereignty, resource exploitation and environmental concerns. He uses mixed media, including collage, adornment, painting and drawing to present evidence of contemporary Indigenous presence and resistance. His more recent work considers the concern aboriginal communities in western Canada and the U.S. have for territories, including wildlife, in the face of unending oil and gas exploration and extraction. Bruno is a member of a northern First Nation (Deh Gah Got’ı́é Kǫ́ę́, Deh Cho Region) and a resident of Alberta. For him, this issue “carries personal resonance… especially in regards to the effects of the Athabasca Tarsands development, which is located within the MacKenzie/Peace watershed, upstream from [his] home community of Fort Providence.”

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Thank you very much for visiting our website. We truly appreciate your interest and hope that you will join us in creating awareness about the value of Indigenous and local community knowledge, worldviews and ways of life. Please take a look at our projects and let us know if you would like to become involved or if you have some comments or questions. If you are interested in submitting a blog for publication, kindly send your submission to Our educational material is free for non-commercial distribution, our sole requirement being that you acknowledge us. Likewise, our images and memes are available for non-commercial use. If you are able to make a donation for the use of this material we would be very grateful as it would go far in helping us to create more.

Dr Konstantia Koutouki

Dr Konstantia Koutouki is a Professor of Law at the Université de Montréal and Lead Counsel for Natural Resources with the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law at McGill University. Her research examines the links between international trade, intellectual property, and environmental protection. She has extensive experience working on issues concerning social, economic and cultural […]

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