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Stories connect, inform, empower and captivate.


Nomomente is a non-profit organization based in Montreal, Quebec with contributors from all over the world (Read our Year End Reviews).


We are dedicated to knowledge dissemination and believe in the transformative power of storytelling.

Transformative Storytelling

Nomomente is about telling stories: narratives about people, places and things that are relatable, inspirational, and transformative.


We provide a space for those with stories to tell, support vulnerable communities to tell their stories in their own voice, and we research and publish stories ourselves. In so doing, our aim is to interest people from all walks of life to develop awareness about and reflect on diverse social, historical, cultural and scientific topics.


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Cutting-edge Research

We encourage and fund projects that have regeneration as a goal. Through our extensive Research Network, we produce research for academic, policy or legal purposes on topics ranging from education, food and ecology to business, personal growth and more. 



Nomomente aims to be a vehicle to simplify and amplify complex research findings, disseminate information and share transformative stories across a variety of platforms to inspire the broader public.

We are committed to promoting regenerative practices in all areas of life. We are exceedingly inspired and indebted to the Indigenous Peoples around the world that have unwaveringly protected and enriched our world. Their stories are of particular significance and relevance and we are commitment to their resilience.


We are a team comprised of academics, students, scientists, ecologists, journalists, writers, visual storytellers, community leaders and others conducting research and telling the story of our beautiful, spirited world.

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We are constantly looking for contributors to our blog. If you have a story to tell about Regeneration, Empowerment or Culture, let us know!

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Connect with hundreds of scholars, researchers, academics, journalists and more to research important topics that affect our world.


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