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Konstantia Koutouki

Founder of Nomomente


Kimberley Megis

Executive Director of Nomomente



Kimberley has a M.Sc in International Studies (Cooperation, Development, Economics) from the University of Montreal. She is passionate about the environment, Indigenous peoples' land rights and animal rights.

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Katherine Lofts

Katherine is a lawyer whose work focuses on climate change, human rights, and environmental governance. Originally from Vancouver Island, she has lived in Europe and Asia, and currently resides in Montreal.


Alexandra Nikopoulou

Alexandra is a PhD candidate and a researcher focusing in Middle-Eastern security, regional balance and tribal affairs. She is working in the non-profit sector in the fields of education and employment of young graduates in Greece and has significant volunteer experience, focused mainly on education around disabilities. She holds great interest in Indigenous history and tribal affairs, not only in the Americas but in Europe, Africa and Asia as well.

Miguel Eduardo Vargas Monroy.jpg

Miguel Eduardo Vargas Monroy

Miguel is a Colombian lawyer with professional experience in the energy sector. He recently completed an LLM in International Business Law focussing on the place of environmental concerns in the negotiation of trade agreements between states. He also has a particular interest in examining issues related to the availability of basic services in Indigenous and local communities.


Sarah Confer

Sarah worked for several years as a museum conservator before first travelling to Peru in 2006 where she became instantly enamoured with the culture, the people, and the landscape; she has been returning ever since. Through her experience working and volunteering in the area, she has extensive knowledge of the traditional weaving process and familiarity with the Quechua lifestyle and customs. Sarah recently completed her law degree at the University of Victoria, where she focused on culture and indigenous rights.

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